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Welcome to SmartRx Pte Ltd!

We are SmartRx Pte Ltd, the award-winning provider of a revolutionary distributed med dispensing solution that offers plenty of benefits for your customers, with the ability to purchase medications anytime, provide tele-consults with your physicians and pharmacists, stock up to thousands of inventory within our robot-assisted automated kiosks, with mobile apps for restocking, screen options to inform and promote your products and solutions, and highly adaptable connectivity options to apps and platforms.


A Revolutionary Distributed Med Dispensing Solution

24/7/365 open

Purchase your medications anytime, anywhere


Tele-consults with doctors & pharmacists

temperature and humidity controls

100 SKU (>1,000 items) storage capacity in a temperature and humidity controlled environment

meet regulatory requirements

Meet regulatory requirements

mobile apps

Mobile apps to support online and offline purchases and restocking

video and static displays for ads

Static and video displays for community messaging, education and advertisements

easy integration

Flexible to integrate with other apps & systems

business continuity

Ensure business continuity

If you are running these businesses, our solution is ripe for your community and business outreach:

Hospitals & Clinics
Complementary Health Practices
(such as TCM)
(shopping malls, gas stations, supermarkets)
Community facilities
(stadiums & community centers)

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